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  • 30 Days Unlimited Access
  • 25 Practice Tests
  • Technical Support
  • Tutor Support
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MASTER Plan is applicable for the students who have minimum of 30 days' time and wants to practice more number of tests to improve the performance. If you have more than 30 days in your hand, you are welcome to select NCLEX Expert Plan.

What you get from NCLEX MASTER Plan

  • 30 days unlimited access.
  • 25 full practice papers and they just imitate a real test.
  • Understand the format of the exam in a real condition and different types of questions which include images and calculations etc.
  • Learn, Practice, watch your progress.
  • Overcome common mistakes that cost your score.
  • Prepare efficiently and effectively at your comfort zone.
  • To get more number of practice can update your plan from your login without any difficulties.
  • You will receive excellent technical support whenever you may want.


A Computer with windows or Mac Operating System

Internet Connection

Internet Browser

Headset and a Mic